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What is clipping path?

Clipping path is simply a enclosed vector path or a shape mostly drawn with a Photoshop pen tool used to cut out an image from its background. When clipping path is carried out on an image, anything associated with the path is added and everything outside it is omitted. The use of clipping paths in the photo industry has immensely increased in the recent years because, cutting out an image from the background making use of Photoshop is the most efficient technique when it comes to quality. There may be some other choices in Photoshop to remove image backgrounds but they are not utilized when considering quality result. A clipping path is not only applied to sharp edges, they can also be applied efficiently on soft edges.

Compound clipping path

In the photo industry today, a compound path arises from the combination of multiple paths for various products, or various colours within a single image. It is mostly used for colour corrections and for the purpose of background dropout.

Who needs clipping path service?

Nowadays, many individuals and firms are usually in need of clipping path services. Especially for those who involve themselves with photography, advertising, painting and the design industries. For instance, a catalog firm usually uses a lot of images in their catalogue and they are prone to removing the background of their product images before they put them into layouts. Cognately, a web development firm needs to release photos in the website where they need to utilize clipping path to drop out backgrounds. We work closely with graphic designers, catalog firms, photographers, advertising agencies, magazine firms, web developers and a lot more.

How we draw the path

To make sure there is quality in the clipping path, clipping path professionals manually draws out all the paths with the aid of a photoshop pen tool. As soon as a drawing path is completed to an image, we then apply clipping path on it so that when you place it in layouts, it will display only the portion inside the path. Everything outside will be avoided and it is at your own disposal to select the colour you want. We also deliver images in TIFF or PSD with a separate seethrough layer if you desire it.

How we guarantee a 100% accurate clipping path

Our Clipping Path specialists, are all professionals trained in Photoshop and Illustrating, especially in clipping path and masking and have reasonable years of work experience in the sector.

A lot of our designers studied at renowned graphic arts institute, an institute that equips individuals on graphic design and printing technology. We also involve our experts in different areas such as editing or retouching to make sure that they are qualified at what they engage in. To keep our standards at the helm, we don’t recruit new designers who do not have a good working experience or a suitable training. Since we are expanding our horizon, we have a training center where individuals are trained and equipped and as soon as they are qualified enough, we get them fully involved in productions. We also triple check our productions in order to eliminate any form of lapses. We also have a quality control system to checkmate all photos one by one before it finally goes to DTP who now evaluates for the last time before it is finally uploaded to the customer.

Quality & Commitment

Client satisfaction is our topmost priority. Mr Clipping Expert has a relentless commitment to ensure that you are given the best quality services at a reasonable and affordable price. We do deliver our clients finished files after passing through a detailed full quality check.

Best Price Offers.

We give you the perfect price that you need. We are confident that you will the get the most competitive price at an economic rate. For picking the best available option just take a look across our price menu, inform us and be our valued client.

Quick Services

Do you desire to receive your finished images from us with a superb quality service? You are in the right place. Mr Clipping Experts is reputable for timely delivery service. We have the ability and manpower to do any quantity of images in no time.

24×7 Online Support

Our support team is always available at any time of the day to ensure that our valuable clients are attended to. Make sure you work with us in order to to get a high quality image editing service. Please endeavour to contact or reach us for any query. We are always prepared to solve your problems.

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