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Graphics design has been immensely utilized when it comes to photography of e-commerce products. Adding very simple details like shadows to products may seem meaningless to some people, but that isn’t true. Shadow adding can really push your products up the purchase chain, as it gives it a feel of quality, separating your products from similar products on other e-commerce shops. Flat and shadowless images look too simple, but adding shadows give your product photos a deep look. Adding shadows to e-commerce product photos immediately makes them look realistic and tends to give buyers a feeling of the physical products as it induces imaginative tendencies on buyers. Shadow adding does not only make a product look bold and dramatic, but it also makes them realistic, giving these products images as 3D sense.
At Mr. Clipping Experts, we provided you with a shadow adding service that will definitely help boost your product sales. No matter the kind of products you sell, we can work through to ensure the most suitable editing is carried out on your e-commerce product images.

Our Shadow adding service is not only limited to products, but we also work on any type of images. Professional photographers around the world use our services when they want to use shadows to add a special display to their images.


There are different shadow types that can be added to photos. The type of shadow you will add an image will depend on the type of image/product and how the image was taken(the photography setup of the product).
It doesn’t matter how complex your image is, our team of expert image editors will give you the best shadow adding service for your image. We will utilize all the necessary Photoshop tools to ensure the results are mind-blowing, we will help make your image pop. People are always attracted to good products images and we will use our photo editing expertise to ensure they fall in love with your product and purchase.

We provide the following shadow adding services;
  • Image drop shadow
  • Natural shadow or Reflection Shadows
  • Mirror Effect

Drop Shadow

Drop shadows are the kinds of shadows you see next to an image, it is placed with regards to the direction the front of the image is facing. It could be the left or right sometimes it is placed at the top or bottom. Adding these kinds of shadows to a product image gives depth to it.

Reflection Shadow

No matter the kind of product you are selling, a reflection of natural shadow can be added to it, based on the fact that these products are usually placed on flat surfaces. Reflection or natural shadows really makes a difference in how people view your products, it is mostly used on specific kinds of products especially jewelry items, it works by attracting customers to the products by giving them a feel like the product is right in front of them.

Mirror Shadowing

Just as the name suggests, mirror shadowing has to deal with creating mirror shadows for images. Mirror shadowing is done by adding special effects to images to give them an incredible look. Using the right photoshop tools you can really transcend the look of an image to give it an amazing mirror shadow reveal/effect. These shadow adding services involved expertise and at Mr. Clipping Experts, we are well-experienced and known for delivering amazing results.


At Mr. Clipping Experts, we believe in providing amazing results that reflect on our talent and professionalism. We are passionate about any task we take up and we put in our maximum effort to provide our clients with the best. We will transform your lifeless and motionless photos into beautiful and energetic images. Giving them an artistic and alluring vibe. Our skilled graphic designers/photo editing experts have got you covered.

You can request for a price quote on any service of your choice. As you email us, you can also add samples of what is required/the results you want. After which you can expect a reply within an hour

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